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In 1989, I had hair like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV and the abs to match. Now, the hair has left the building, the Dad bod is in full effect. and my vanity replaced with a burning desire to make cool stuff.

After 20 years in broadcast television it is with much gratitude that I get to make cool stuff every single day. 

My design skills took me from Boston (Baaahhhstan) to New York in 2002. I was fortunate to manage a team of producers, editors, and designers tasked with promoting two New York local stations for the Fox Television Stations Group. 

As the TV business changes, budgets and staff shrinking, I rely on the mantra “make cool stuff “. This has kept me curious and helped fine tune old skills: after effects, photoshop, illustrator and learn new ones: photography, editing, set design, social media and PODCASTING.

August 2017, I convinced a handful of talented reporters and an open-minded news director to work with me in building the Fox 5 Podcast Network. “Make Cool Stuff “. Each podcast show utilizes my skills as a designer, marketer, photographer, writer, editor and now Executive Producer. I am extremely grateful and proud of what we created. You can check them out on iTunes.  

By far the coolest, most inspirational stuff I was part of creating, are my two sons. My parenting skills are a work in progress and thankfully my wife is the brains of the operation.

Thanks for taking the time.